Aaron Black of PB Catch on Sustainability, Bycatch, and the Best Way to Cook Fish

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Last week we decided to dive head first into South Florida's seafood scene with a list of the ten best seafood restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Obviously, one restaurant picked up the number one spot, "the island hotspot" PB Catch.

To find out more about the award-winning concept, we decided to sit down with chef Aaron Black to discuss what goes into a sustainable seafood restaurant, issues pertaining to fish populations, and the best way to cook pescatarian's favorite dish.

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Clean Plate Charlie: The menu at PB Catch is built off of sustainable seafood. Was that always a concern of yours?
Black: I think all chefs are interested, but the issue has come to the forefront recently. When fish prices rise and populations become scarce you have to pay attention. I think the biggest problem now is bycatch. Everyone wants to cook the noble fishes, like red snapper, but there are so many different fishes that are delicious, but no one knows about them; eating bycatch take pressure off of noble fish populations.

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PB Catch

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