This Week in Beer News: 21 ABV Beer, Lost Abbey CFO Arrested and No Growlers in Grocery Stores

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Ah, Christmas, a whole day of watching the kids unwrap presents while you stay happy with that holiday variety pack bought days earlier. Lets just hope you left one for Santa.

Bust out the case of Christmas ales because you've got the week off (hopefully) and nothing else to do but read This Week in Beer News.

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Graham Mackay
Graham Mackay, Former SABMiller Chairman, Dies at Age 64
Former SABMiller Chief Executive and Chairman Graham Mackay passed away on December 18 at the age of 64. Mackay helped South African Breweries purchase Miller Brewing Company to become the world's largest brewery by revenues.

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Ohio Legislator Wants 21% ABV Beer
Ohio state representative Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) re-introduced a bill that would allow brewers to make beer with up to 21 percent alcohol. First introduced in 2011, Ramos says his idea has been gaining popularity among Ohio brewers.

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Port Brewing/Lost Abbey CFO Charged with Grand Theft
James Comstock, a certified public accountant and the chief financial officer for Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey Brewing Company, was arrested last week and charged with grand theft. Port Brewing has fired Comstock, who is also part owner of Latitude 33 Brewing Company.

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