This Week in Beer News: Kush Coming to Wynwood, Lagunitas v. Boston Beer and Gators for Beer?

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This Week in Beer News
It's officially one week until Christmas. If you've run out of friends or family you enjoy spending time with this holiday season, at least you have beer.

And if you're long overdue for a cold brew, maybe you'd be willing to work for it. Just don't go around trading any aquatic cold-blooded reptiles for a six pack.

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The shortage: it's coming.
Jack's Abby Beer Shortage on the Horizon
Beer drinkers in Farmingham, Massachusetts will be sad to know that there is shortage of Jack's Abby Brewing on the horizon. One of their tanks of Jack's Brau busted a gasket, spewing about 1,500 gallons of prized suds. In the world of breweries, things like this happen.

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Lagunitas v. Boston Beer Co.
Boston Beer Co.Battles Lagunitas, And Everyone Else Apparently
While there may appear to be solidarity among the craft beer community, it is actually a very competitive business. This could be evidenced by Lagunitas' Tony MaGee, who took to Twitter last night to call Boston Brewing Co. on their new marketing plan for their new Rebel IPA, which is apparently targeting MaGee's business and every other brewery, apparently. "Fuck them.We're ready," he said.

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Beer contributed $34 billion to America's economy in 2012.
Craft Brewers Contribute $33.9 billion to Economy
The Brewer's Association reports that craft brewers in America contributed $33.9 billion to the U.S. economy in 2012. The figures are derived from sales from three-tier system as well as non-beer products sold at breweries.

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