Paula DaSilva Wins Chopped Experience

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Getty Images, courtesy of Chopped Experience.
Which chef will get chopped?
The cooking competition Chopped came alive in Miami Beach last week as the MasterCard Chopped Experience saw three local chefs pitted against one another in a live culinary battle complete with mystery ingredient.

Chefs Paula DaSilva (3030 Ocean), Sean Brasel (Meat Market), and Todd Erickson (HaVen and HuaHua's Taqueria) competed against one another for the title of Chopped Champion at the Loews Miami Beach hotel.

Getty Images, courtesy of Chopped Experience
Judges Larry Carrino, Josh Capon, and Tony Mantuano, along with some audience members, were tasked to "chop" one of the chefs after their first round of dishes, which included mystery ingredient Spam.

Getty Images, courtesy of Chopped Experience
Although the judges enjoyed each of the chef's offerings, Todd Erickson was the chef who faced the chopping block.

Getty Images, courtesy of Chopped Experience
After the entree dish was served, there was much deliberation by the judges, who finally chose Paula DaSilva as the winner. DaSilva not only won the competition but was named the audience Chopped champion as well.

Getty Images, courtesy of Chopped Experience
Chef DaSilva wins an authentic chopping block (and the knowledge that she was the only chef not on it).

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