Malakor Thai Owners Open Bangkok Jam in Royal Palm Beach

Nicole Danna
For a limited time get the "fresh roll" free while dining-in at newly opened Bangkok Jam in Royal Palm Beach.
Trying to find authentic Thai food in South Florida is like searching good Chinese, Vietnamese or Korean food. This isn't Los Angeles; we just don't have the people here to make it. You're best chance of finding truly authentic fare is to make nice with a foreign family and invite yourself over for dinner.

But -- if you live in Palm Beach -- you've already got one foot in the door thanks to Malakor Thai, where family recipes are all you'll get from co-owners "Noopy" Areerak and Suchart Tiachaoen. Thailand natives, both wanted to bring the true taste of homestyle Thai cuisine to their small cafe that opened in Northwood Village in early 2011.

Now, newly opened Bangkok Jam is bringing the tradition to Royal Palm Beach, where the two chefs have created a second location, moving west to establish a new concept in a shopping plaza at the corner of Royal Palm Beach Boulevard and Okeechobee.

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Sure, it's a hike for anyone south of West Palm Beach (and even those in West Palm Beach proper), but if you're lucky enough to be close by, what you'll get is a taste of some of the best Thai food in the area, priced beyond "affordable."

Just a few months ago the space was home to A-1 Thai, but has been completely revamped for Areerak and Tiachaoen's new Bangkok Jam -- a more casual, less expensive option than Malakor, but offering the same great food. Open for lunch and dinner, the menu consists of recipes straight from the family cookbook, dishes one would make at home. Priced lower than Malakor, small and large plates range from $4 to $13, and are half-priced at lunch from $6.95 to $8.95.

"We have a lot of people that come here and take advantage of our lunch prices, ordering to-go and taking it home with them for dinner," a server told Clean Plate Charlie. "The portions are only slightly smaller, so you get a lot for what you pay."

Each dish is lovingly made from scratch thanks to Areerak's sister, Suriya Sarjai, who prepares fresh sauces and staples used daily at Malakor -- and now for Bangkok Jam. A variety of comfort foods and standard Thai specialties have been put together for a menu offering everything from appetizers, soups and salad to dinner entrees, rice and noodles, curry and stir fried plates. Sushi will come next, they promise, but not until the business begins to pick-up.

Nicole Danna
Bangkok Jam's dining room is warm and simply decorated for a focus on food not atmosphere, a distinct departure from the painted walls and ceiling at Malakor Thai in Northwood.

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