Five Best Dishes at the Palm Beach Food and Wine Fest's Grand Tasting (Photos)

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All Photos by Sara Ventiera
Meat Market's braised beef cheeks pasta with parmesan emulsion and sour cherry jus -- look out for the new Palm Beach location next spring
While some people are all right ordering the same dish over and over again, if you're reading this food blog, there's a chance you're the type of person who wants to sample bits and pieces from all across the menu.

As much as you'd like to order a little of everything every time you go out to eat, doing so adds up on the wallet eventually.

Food festivals were invented to solve this very (first-world) problem.

Last night was the apex of the Palm Beach Food and Wine Fest 2013, the Grand Tasting. Taking place at 150 Worth, over 30 restaurants represented with delicious and decadent dishes ripe for the picking.

Hopefully, you got to try it for yourself -- if not, we're sorry. Luckily for you, we're here to tell you what the five best dishes of the night were and where you can get them now.

Check out our picks for the five best dishes of the Grand Tasting.

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5. Khong River House
Visiting from South Beach, this Southeast Asian-inspired spot brought some spice to the festival. The Burmese noodle wraps with roasted dried red chili, peanuts, palm sugar, lemon juice, cilantro, culantro, sweet black soy sauce, and sriracha were encased by a soft stemaed Burmese-style noodle noodle for a dish that brought the typical sweet, spicy, acidic, and savory flavor profiles typical of cuisine from that region.
Khong River House is located at 1661 Meridian Ave. in Miami Beach. Call 305-763-8147, or visit

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150 Worth Ave., Palm Beach, FL

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