This Week In Beer News: Taco Hands, Beer Turkey and Kentucky Common Ale Revival

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Wait, is that beer can turkey with a Fosters can? You're damn right it is.
In mathematical terms, Thanksgiving equals spending time with family, a trash-talking card game or two, passing out with a belly full of turkey dinner and beer and then waking up to count your new stretch marks.

In This Week in Beer News, we try to celebrate that you shouldn't just be thankful for beer, but that you can drink it, or that you even have a mouth, or otherwise be thankful that you're in good health or that you're at least alive (although with a hangover some of us wish we weren't).

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Kentucky common ales, along with California steam beer, are one of America's original beers.
J. Wakefield Brewing is Bringing Back Kentucky Common Ales
J. Wakefield Brewing is not open yet, but in the meantime, owner Jonathan Wakefield and crew will be pouring some of their famous Berliners in the parking lot of their brewery during Art Basel on December 6. Wakefield has brewed a keg of Kentucky Common ale for the event. Along with California steam beer, Kentucky Common ales are one of two of the first beers developed in America. Popular up until the age of Prohibition, they are seldom brewed commercially today.

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A beer heist gone bad.
Santa Ana Beer Heist Goes Bad
A couple of guys from Santa Ana, California found themselves getting rescued by police after becoming trapped on a high-rise hotel balcony. Both thieves allegedly tried to steal beer from a nearby gas station, then fled to the hotel where they attempted to flee police by scaling down ten stories of hotel balconies, with one of them breaking their leg in the process. They should be thankful for not falling to their deaths.

Taco Beer Is A Real Thing
Professional brewers from Pennsylvania's Tired Hands and California's Cellarmaker Brewing Company teamed up to brew a collaboration beer called Taco Hands that is made with taco ingredients. Along with using grain, these crazy zythophiles used lime, chilis, spices, taco shells and some hops in the brewing process.

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