This Week in Beer News: Beer Cigars, Beer Robots, and Amsterdam Pays Alcoholics With Beer

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Drinkin' to the foam.
Aww shit, it's that time again. Time to get real with some beer news. Downing a few beers with the brews at a bar is always a chill thing to do, but gorking on a little beer knowledge just might get you in with the ladies.

It has been two weeks since the last TWIBN. That's because hangovers are a bitch. But maybe craft beer wasn't meant to be consumed in a binge. But after reading one of these, you're going to want to do one of those. Get ready for This Week in Beer News.

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Beer cigars: a whole new level of beer snob.
Sam Adams Utopias-Flavored Cigars Are Coming
Do you love decadence? Have a beer-flavored cigar. The Boston Brewing Company is teaming with Ted's Cigars to make a Utopias-flavored cigar. The cigars will be rolled in the Dominican Republic and shipped to Louisville, Kentucky to get their infusion. Ted's already makes Patron Anejo and Maker's Mark cigars. Who smokes these anyway? Probably beer snobs.

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"Have another beer, Dave."
Japanese Brewery Invents Robotic Bartender
Robots are meant to serve mankind. Nobody knows this better than the people at the Japanese brewery Asahi, who invented a robotic tap that can pour six "perfect" beers simultaneously, taking only 12 seconds and doing it without any waste or specialized labor--or human beings. This may be good for standard beers, but remember not all brews are created equal.

CC Flickr/Ethan Prater
Holy fucking beer hoard Batman.
World's Largest Beer Bar Opens in Belgium
What appears to be the world's largest beer bar has opened in Belgium. Located on Grote Markt in Leuven, Belgium, "The Capital" beer bar has over 2,400 Belgian beers alone, plus 500 foreign beers and 50,000 bottles in its cellar. Who's your craft beer god now, America?

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