The Hash House Harriers Were Right, Beer and Running Do Mix

Jess Swanson
A snap shot from my run with Fort Lauderdale's Hash House Harriers past the FTL Airport this summer.
The Fort Lauderdale Hash House Harriers dub themselves "a drinking club with a running problem." It started in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur after British expats would run every Monday night together. Now there are hundreds of outposts all around the world.

They drink, they run, they drink, then run, and then drink/run some more. The idea boggled my mind. And when I joined them on their run past the Fort Lauderdale Airport this summer there were TSA costumes, "blue-ball" jello shots, plenty of beer, and even handcuffs involved.

I went home even more confused than when I arrived, but according to The New York Times, they were on to something: beer and running do mix.

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Dr. Manuel J. Castillo, a professor of medical physiology at the University of Granada School of Medicine in Spain, conducted a study to the effects of beer and running. After having 16 active men run on a treadmill and then down either water or a beer, he found that "a moderate amount of beer after exercise didn't adversely affect these young athletes' recovery."

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