Thanksgiving Recipes: How to Make the Two-Hour Turkey From Tastebuds Catering

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Many a Thanksgiving novice thinks he or she can handle taking on a whole dinner alone.

Sure, its seems easy enough: mash some potatoes, bake some stuffing, boil some cranberries, cook a bird.

While each of these tasks can be easily done on its own, for a properly executed meal, it's all about the timing. The one thing most beginners mess up is getting the turkey in the oven at the right point.

FYI: it can take all day to cook.

Fortunately, for those who are a bit pressed, quicker options do exist. To help you get it together in an expedient fashion, Larry Gebaide of Tastebuds Catering has given us some tips on preparing a two-hour turkey.

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Before doing prep, the first step in any Thanksgiving meal is to ensure your turkey has been properly thawed.

According to Gebaide, "When buying a frozen turkey it is best to keep refrigerated for two to three days to thaw naturally".

This recipe is for a 20-pound turkey.

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