Thanksgiving Recipes: Tonka Bean Panna Cotta from Cafe Boulud's Pastry Chef Eric Snow

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Eric Snow
Pastry chef prepared desserts are simply the best; there's just no getting around it.

The best cooks -- and even chefs -- have a hard time dealing with the exact science that is baking. As involved as it may be, a good sweet treat is like nothing else on the planet.

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, we figured it would be nice to get a special recipe from one of the best pastry chefs around.

Eric Snow of Cafe Boulud gave us his recipe for his tonka bean panna cotta, sautéed vanilla pumpkin, toasted pumpkin seeds, roasted pumpkin seed oil, cranberry compote, vanilla Chantilly, and white chocolate décor.

Complex? Yes.

Worth the effort? You bet.

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While the dessert is fairly easy to present, it requires multiple steps to put it all together.

Snow uses metric measurements to ensure accuracy in calculating the ingredients.

"I've always used metric," said Snow. "It's more exact and less equipment is needed: measuring spoons, cups, etc. Just grab a scale and the bowl you're scaling into."

This recipe will serve six to eight people.

Sauteed Pumpkin -- Start One Day Ahead
One small pumpkin
One vanilla bean
.249 kilograms of water
.249 kilograms of sugar

Step One: Scrape out the inside of a pumpkin and dice the flesh into small pieces. Reserve the seeds and set out out on newspaper to dry overnight.

Step Two: In a pot, scrape out the seeds of a vanilla bean, water, and sugar and bring it to a boil.

Step Three: Add the pumpkin to the liquid. Let it stand for one day.

Step Four: Strain the pumpkin from the liquid and saute until tender.

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