Sloan's Ice Cream Parlor Opens Fifth Location in Delray Beach

All photos taken by Jess Swanson.
Handymen put the finishing touches on Sloan's fifth outpost.
Sloan's Ice Cream Parlor in West Palm Beach was inducted into Cintas' Bowl Games back in August. While the 47 flavors of ice cream and hand-painted tickle-me-pink walls were nice, the nomination was for their bathroom, a mystical room that gives the illusion of exhibitionism through a transparent door that opaques when locked.

South Florida residents flocked to the polls, pressing refresh and voting again as many times as we could. It wasn't enough because the bathroom at Varsity Theatre in Minneapolis beat us. It's alright; Sloan's ice cream will open their fifth outpost on Friday on the bustling East Atlantic Avenue, and their bathroom is even cooler.

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I want candy.
On the Tuesday afternoon, three days before their opening, finishing touches were being placed. Two men were painting the exterior in hot pink and lime green. Pints of Sloan's ice cream were being delivered for the first time in a bright candy-colored truck. About a dozen employees were shuffling throughout unpacking toys and decorations from cardboard boxes.

On Friday, the store will be fully-operational. On Saturday they're throwing a Grand Opening bash with music, face-painting, and of course, plenty of ice cream.

This is how the bathroom looks like before the door is locked:

Talk about risky business.
Then, once you lock the doors, the window fogs and ensures your privacy:


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