Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee: Four Locations Offering Craft Brew and Artisan Pastries Coming to South Florida

From gourmet glazes to fresh ingredients, the difference is tangible, said Prakas. An example: The key lime doughnut where real key limes are used in the batter and filling, a custard that will be made fresh daily. Another signature find would be the homemade maple bacon glaze paired with a specialty smoked apple wood bacon.

Rhino will begin with several staples -- doughnuts that will be their trademark offerings -- including the maple bacon, creme brûlée and the Rhino "horn," their own version of the croissant-doughnut. In addition to seasonal specials, there will also be a variety of homemade muffins, sticky buns and cinnamon buns.

For a special treat, look for two unique items, the Rhino Doughnut Sundae made with a doughnut of your choice, topped with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, and dressed like a traditional sunday. There's also the Rhino Dough-Shake, their own version of a Blizzard; just pick a doughnut, and it's blended with ice cream and milk for the ultimate shake.

The food won't be the only thing that sets Rhino apart, however. The hip atmosphere will be unparalleled, according to Tran and Prakas.

"When you walk into our store, you're going to think 'Wow, I never knew a doughnut store could look like this," said Prakas. "We'll have a unique display, not that metal wrack you're used to seeing. You can literally walk up to the doughnut and see everything about it, including a description with ingredients, how it was made. It's different than anything you've ever seen."

Courtesy of Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee
Delivery trucks will make custom orders and catering easy.
Complementing the assortment of artisanal doughnuts will be Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee's signature blends of craft-brewed coffee, made with 100% Fair Trade beans roasted using the small batch method. This specialty process highlights the distinctive flavor characteristics of the beans. Every batch is custom roasted to order per Rhino's strict specifications, and you can taste the difference in every cup. Guests will also enjoy iced coffee, painstakingly made for optimal taste. Custom orders, catering, and doughnut and coffee parties to go will also be available.

Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee will also boast South Florida's most exciting doughnut delivery trucks, each store equipped with its own fleet to bring custom orders and doughnut-coffee catering to your door. For more information visit the website, or call 1 (855) RHINO74. visitwww.rhinodoughnuts.com.

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Jessica Dianne
Jessica Dianne

Marion Young yes!!!! Brando Garcia Rovai Jaclene Emanuel

Kimber Kirton
Kimber Kirton

Sorry, I can't be a douchebag when doughnuts are involved. I happily accept their arrival. And the mark-up really isn't a viable excuse, I'd rather pay a few quarters more for quality ingredients and escape from the humdrum flavors found at the regular South Florida pastry dens. It's such a shame there isn't a more supportive foodie movement in SoFL.

Joel Kodner
Joel Kodner

"Artisinal" is douchebag jargon for "200% markup".

Lauren Devine
Lauren Devine

Ugh. Why us? They need to go to Williamsburg in Brooklyn with the rest of the so called hipsters and open up next to the "artisanal mayonnaise store."

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