Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee: Four Locations Offering Craft Brew and Artisan Pastries Coming to South Florida

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Courtesy of Rhino Doughnuts
Rhino Doughnuts will be offering artisanal doughnuts and craft coffee with several locations across South Florida.
There aren't too many things that go together better than coffee and doughnuts, and for South Florida entrepreneurs Davin Tran and Athan "Tom" Prakas -- two men looking to reinvent the traditional doughnut-and-coffee experience -- that's just what Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee will do best. The new family of doughnut and coffee shops has already targeted several locations to open across Broward and Palm Beach County within the next year, beginning with two shops in Fort Lauderdale and one in Boca Raton, each one specializing in chef-inspired pastries, doughnuts and craft-brewed coffee.

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One thing Tran and Prakas want you to keep in mind: These are not your daddy's doughnuts. Both South Florida residents, they shared a similar vision and saw a need for a coffee shop that offered more than the Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts down the road.

"Take all your preconceived notions about doughnut and coffee shops and throw them out the window," said Prakas. "We're pushing the limits of innovation and creativity with the best-tasting doughnuts you'll ever have. Our craft-brewed, small-batch-roasted coffee is the perfect complement."

Each 1,000 square foot store will receive doughnuts from an off-site doughnut-making facility in Sunrise, which will be able to service as many as 10 stores, making up to 10,000 doughnuts daily -- about 1,000 doughnuts per day, per store at a minimum, said Tran. The Rhino kitchen will also prepare orders for off-site sales, including area country clubs and convenience stores.

But what makes Rhino different than your average doughnut?

"A lot of doughnuts out there are just pre-mixed dough topped with commercially-made glazes and fillings," said Tran during a recent interview. "Our [doughnuts] are actually being made by our own corporate chef, who has developed each recipe from scratch. There's such huge difference when everything is made from scratch using real ingredients."

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Jessica Dianne
Jessica Dianne

Marion Young yes!!!! Brando Garcia Rovai Jaclene Emanuel

Kimber Kirton
Kimber Kirton

Sorry, I can't be a douchebag when doughnuts are involved. I happily accept their arrival. And the mark-up really isn't a viable excuse, I'd rather pay a few quarters more for quality ingredients and escape from the humdrum flavors found at the regular South Florida pastry dens. It's such a shame there isn't a more supportive foodie movement in SoFL.

Joel Kodner
Joel Kodner

"Artisinal" is douchebag jargon for "200% markup".

Lauren Devine
Lauren Devine

Ugh. Why us? They need to go to Williamsburg in Brooklyn with the rest of the so called hipsters and open up next to the "artisanal mayonnaise store."

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