Nine Dating Apps That Will Match You With Your Foodie Soulmate

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6. Gluten-Free Singles
Just about everything has gluten in it. From pizza to doughnuts and even certain toothpastes, it can be difficult to find someone who understands the burden of a gluten-free lifestyle. But Gluten-free Singles does and will pair you with your ideal GF partner. They distinguish between those with "Celiac disease," "Intolerant," and "Healthy Diet." And finally you can go on a date, order a hamburger without the bun, and not have to worry about the quizzical stare from across the table, because chances are your date will be ordering the same thing.


5. Vegan Dating Service
Whoever said that you don't make friends with salad? Oh yeah, it was Homer Simpson. Well, he obviously never met this couple (^) because clearly you can. You hold the bowl; he serves it romantically from under your armpits; it's a match made in heaven. After your animal-byproduct-free dinner, you guys can maybe go volunteer at an animal shelter together. Just remember, if things go really well, to keep a few of these and not these in your wallet.

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