Himmarshee Public House, an Upscale "Sports Lounge," Opens This Week in Fort Lauderdale

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Doug Fairall
It's impossible to miss this massive corner space.
The soon-to-open sports lounge and "global comfort food" hot spot in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Himmarshee Public House, is poised to bring customers on a journey of flavors in an atmosphere more familiar to many than the traditional white-linen tables of old-school foodies.

This is a space dominated by marquee lights, wrap-around lounge booths reminiscent of a Miami nightclub, and pub-height tables just begging to be used to stand next to rather than sit at. It's a typical South Florida mashup of interiors: Chicago Prohibition-era warehouse décor and a modern and subtle beige and wood color scheme. In other words, open and roomy without being flashy.

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The Public House is the newest venture from Marc Falsetto and Charles Hazlett of JEY Hospitality, who also run Rok:Brgr, and Falsetto is excited to see this new concept come to life. "Sports games are going to be a focus for the lounge areas," he says. "We're keeping it easy by just requiring a reservation... no bottle minimums or anything like that for the games."

But Clean Plate didn't just come to an early showing of the restaurant to stand around and gawk at the décor. We came to eat.

With a pint of Cigar City Jai Alai, delicious as always from draft, an order of candied bacon ($9) made its way to the table. House-cured pork belly glazed with bourbon maple syrup and candied pecans was an astounding starter. Salty ham-like flavors melded with the sweet syrup in a way that only pork belly can: succulent and mouth-melting with barely a hint of smokiness from a highly cured bacon product. Next were some spicy lamb ribs ($12), another glazed meat plate that featured tender lamb coated in Abita root beer with toasted sesame and scallion. The caramel flavors of the root beer mellow out the lamb flavors and give it a dark barbecue-sauce-like ambience.

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Himmarshee Public House

201 SW 2nd St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Restaurant

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frankd4 topcommenter

ugh.................i just received a report of 10 violations including roach infestation and it may be closed

the BAD NEWS IS they do NOT answer the phone - so i left a message


Was there this weekend. Not impressed. Better beers at Tap and the people in there were "Rough looking" to say the least. Another downtown dump.

icculus17 topcommenter

sounds way better than the last two occupants.

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