Himmarshee Public House, an Upscale "Sports Lounge," Opens This Week in Fort Lauderdale

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Next we sampled some large plates, including the signature fried chicken ($19), which is house-brined, battered, and pressure-cooked for optimal flavor. What comes out is a crispy but not greasy pyramid of fried chicken, worthy of Colonel Sanders' jealousy, complete with mashed potatoes and some fantastic coleslaw. All of this is produced under the direction of executive chef Robbyns Martinez, former executive chef of Rok:Brgr.

Although a lot of the items contain bacon in some form or another, green stuff exists here too. Salads and flatbreads are available, as well as tacos and sandwiches.

Doug Fairall
Enough taps to keep you busy.
The Himmarshee Public House boasts a huge assortment of taps, and we spotted what was a thorough, but fairly standard, craft beer selection; New Belgium, Founders, Magic Hat, and a selection of Florida beers like Due South, Funky Buddha, Cigar City, and Florida Beer Company. We were able to order to aforementioned Jai Alai, and our server, unfazed by the challenge of 'bring something interesting' to the table, proudly shared a glass of Funky Buddha's Chocolate Covered Cherry, as well as a solid pint of Stone's Arrogant Bastard. If the Public House can get some unique kegs from local brewers, they might have a happy hour spot where the beer geek crowd can mingle with their non-nerdy friends.

The Himmarshee Public House is located at 201 SW Second St. in Fort Lauderdale. The restaurant is poised to open to the public this Thursday, November 7th.

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Himmarshee Public House

201 SW 2nd St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Restaurant

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frankd4 topcommenter

ugh.................i just received a report of 10 violations including roach infestation and it may be closed

the BAD NEWS IS they do NOT answer the phone - so i left a message


Was there this weekend. Not impressed. Better beers at Tap and the people in there were "Rough looking" to say the least. Another downtown dump.

icculus17 topcommenter

sounds way better than the last two occupants.

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