Get Your Daily Dose of Blue-Green Algae With Spirulina Pond Yum! Vegan Popsicles

Pond Yum
Pond Yum popsicles are made with fresh, live Florida-grown spirulina.
When you think of algae -- or, yes, pond scum -- does a healthy and delicious dessert come to mind? Well, thanks to Florida-based Hero Pops, it should.

The creation of Vero Beach resident Michael Haggerty, a new line of vegan-vegetarian popsicles known as Pond Yum! aren't just another bland, boring health-nut treat you need to be forced into trying. Aside from delivering a dose of superfood, they're also surprisingly delicious -- and a great way to get you (and your kids!?!) a daily serving of phytonutrients.

How? The main ingredient that makes these naturally bright green pops extra-special: fresh, locally-grown spirulina.

Pond Yum is a unique product, the world's first popsicle to use flash-frozen, live and locally-grown blue-green algae, also known as the superfood spirulina.

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The algae is made specifically for Pond Yum, sourced from Vero Beach-based microbiologist Erik Stenn, owner of AlgaGen, a marine biotech company that produces microalgae for both human and animal health and nutrition. That includes the 30 to 50 pounds of the custom-culture cyanobacterium produced each week for Haggerty's pops, Stenn told Clean Plate Charlie during a recent interview.

Haggerty found AlgaGen several years ago while searching high and low for fresh spirulina to create a healthy, nutrient-packed "green" treat for his son. Freeze-dried and powdered products tasted awful, Haggerty said, and didn't provide all the nutrients of fresh spirulina.

"Buying from us is the difference between picking a tomato fresh from the vine in your own organic garden, versus buying one from Walmart," said Stenn. "And because [Pond Yum] flash freezes the algae the day it's harvested, each pop delivers the maximum nutrient content by preserving the raw, living food."

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