Doritos Bread Is a Bon Appetit Thing: Make This for Thanksgiving

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Screenshot from Bon Appetit
Warm, freshly baked... Doritos bread. It's a thing.
What are you bringing to the Thanksgiving table or holiday potluck this year? If you said the usual store-bought pie, think again.

You're bringing warm, homemade Doritos bread! It's easy, and it's awesome.

Brothers Andy and Adam Rapoport (Adam, by the way, is editor in chief of Bon Appetit magazine, and Andy makes hot buttered rum) have collaborated on this amazing cheesy invention.

Well, Andy made the bread, while Adam put it in Bon Appetit -- a magazine known more for truffle recipes than working with bagged snacks.

Watch the video, then follow the recipe here. Note: Whenever a recipe states, "The addition of crushed Doritos as a final topping is crucial," we're soooo there.

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