Craigslist Ad Pranks Broward Man About 100 Free Thanksgiving Turkeys

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USMC - LanceCpl. Paul Torres/wikimedia creative commons
There's no such thing as a free turkey.
Conie White, 56, does not know how to use a computer. Hell, he doesn't even know how to use his cell phone. But since 11:30 a.m. over 150 people have called him inquiring about free thanksgiving turkeys.

An ad was put on Craiglist saying that 100 free turkeys are being given away and his number is listed. It could just be a typo, but White suspects it's a mean prank, especially since, this Thanksgiving, he doesn't have enough money to buy a turkey for himself.

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This is the ad:


"Thirteen people have called just during this phone call, ma'am," White says during our phone interview. "My phone is all out of battery and it could be work so I have to pick up every time."

Even though the number listed on the Craigslist ad could be a typo and there could be a Mother Teresa somewhere that's actually giving out 100 free turkeys, White suspects it's a prank.

"I have a guy who owes me money and I called him yesterday," White says. "He's always on his laptop. I think he [was] the one that done it."

White lives in Broward and works in painting and pressure cleaning. His car was in the shop and he had to pay $1,000 to get it fixed. If this is in fact a prank, it's particularly cruel, because White doesn't have enough money to buy a turkey for himself this Thanksgiving.

"It's just eating weenies out of the can for me, times are tough," White says about his Thanksgiving plans.

He pleads to have someone flag the post because he doesn't even know what Craigslist it.

"I know nothing about what to do to get the post to go down, what even is Craigslist?"

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whateveryousay topcommenter

I messaged the writer of the article and asked how to send this guy a few bucks.  If anyone at Voice Nation sees my post please contact me.  I sent the writer my contact information.

Thank you

Lenny Lebowitz
Lenny Lebowitz

I know a girl that was pissed at her ex so she put his number on cl saying free xbox

Jessica Levine-Points
Jessica Levine-Points

I saw it on there .......... people are very cruel !!!!! And I think this guy needs some help :(

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