Cookie Monster in Drag for Hunger Games Parody: The Hungry Games (Video)

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Screenshot from YouTube
Cookiness Evereat must play The Hungry Games.
This Thursday, Katniss Everdeen once again wears a flaming dress and risks her life in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

But, right now, fans of the franchise can watch something so fantastic it defies explanation (but we'll try).

In an ongoing series of short films designed to teach kids basic problem solving skills (and amuse the pants off their parents who "get" the inside jokes), Sesame Street, under the guise of Crumby Pictures, has released a preview for their new feature film, The Hungry Games: Catching Fur.

In it, Cookie Monster (in drag), plays Cookiness Evereat who, along with her friend Pita (an actual piece of bread), has to survive the Hungry Games by braving pink monkeys and finding the right foods to eat ... could it even be Pita?

Watch this awesome parody and may the cookies be ever in your flavor!

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