Bartender Q&A: Kimberly Hilton of Red, the Steakhouse on Cognac and her Manhattan-Making Grandmother

Photo courtesy Red, the Steakhouse
Some personal traits can be attributed to external influences -- others are passed down through the family.

When it comes to tending bar, some barkeeps find out for themselves they love mixing drinks, others pick it up from elder generations.

Kimberly Hilton of Red, the Steakhouse falls into the latter category; the New York-native learned how to make Manhattans from the best of them, her grandmother.

We chatted about her inherited skill-set, her favorite afterwork drink (hint: it's Cognac), and which drinks she hates to make.

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Clean Plate Charlie: Where are you from?
Hilton: Sandy Creek, New York; I've been in South Florida for just over a year.

How long have you been in the industry?
16 years

I knew I wanted to be a bartender when _______.
I used to watch my grandmother make manhattans.

Favorite drink to make?
Any kind of martini; vodka mostly. It's versatile and more people seem to enjoy vodka drinks rather then a gin or tequila. Regardless, I love creating new drinks.

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