Watch a Pumpkin Turned Into a Progressive Jack-Flo-Lantern (Video)

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Screenshot via YouTube
Behold, the Jack-Flo-Lantern!
Love her or hate her... Flo, Progressive's retro, red-mouthed, insurance-loving, customer-service rep is one of the most easily identified nonreptilian spokespeople on television these days.

So it's only natural that people would want to dress like her on Halloween -- right? Unfortunately, there are actually costumes all over Etsy that feature Flo's trademark "I heart insurance" badges.

And, in case you don't feel like you give the auto insurance company enough of your hard-earned cash, Progressive has an "official" costume for only $24.99, complete with a "dress like Flo" contest.

But just in case you want to get one more year from your "gecko" costume, we have another Flo-related Halloween option for you -- an awesome 3-D pumpkin carving!

Need directions? Check out this time-lapse video in which artist Brandy Davis turns an ordinary pumpkin into a Jack-Flo-Lantern, then get out the knife:

Unfortunately, this is all we could find when we searched for "Geico Gecko and Halloween":

Hey Gecko, where's your pumpkin?

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