Trader Joe's Opens in Miami: Here's What to Expect


Wine and Beer Here

You've probably heard about Two Buck Chuck, the incredibly good wine that's only $2.99 a bottle. But there's also French rose for $5.99, Italian prosecco for $6.99, sparkling sake for $6.99, and Trader Jose beer, imported from Mexico for $7.99 a six-pack. Cheap enough to try several bottles, good enough to serve to guests.

So everyone loves the cookie butter. You don't. Bring it back.

Bring It Back If You Don't Like it

Seriously. Pinecrest captain Jodi McCullough (she's the store manager) confirmed the "we'll take that back even if you've eaten half of it" rumors. So if your Greek yogurt wasn't creamy enough, or your frozen gyoza didn't work for you, or even if Fido didn't like those pumpkin dog treats, bring it back for a refund. As captain Jodi says, "Even if you tried it. That's what I would want for me."


It Really Is More Fun Shopping Here

At the end of the day, cheap prices are good, but if the experience sucks or the store is depressing, who wants to go there? Think of the last time you were at a dollar store. How much fun was that?

But Trader Joe's is fun. Caribbean music plays in the background. Murals on the wall depict local beach scenes. Friendly crew members dressed in Hawaiian shirts say hello and ask how they can help you (and they mean it). The effect is contagious.

Just this morning, a man gave me first dibs on the last precious parking space in the lot. I waved thank you, and we made eye contact. I later recognized him in the store and thanked him. Chris then said that he was in such a good mood because he could finally get his hands on his favorite treat, cookie butter (sold only at TJ's). That friendliness was all over the store as people hung out at the galley, where free samples are dispensed, and oohed and aahed over pumpkin cheesecake, moshi ice cream, and dried coconut chips.

So the big question for Broward and Palm Beach residents, obviously, is Trader Joe's worth the drive? Well, since most of the people shopping this morning said they made regular pilgrimages to Naples and Fort Myers (or had relatives send TJ care packages in the mail), we'd say yes. Just grab a coffee, fill up your tank, empty your trunk, and go for it. After all, Miamians make the trek to Sunrise for IKEA. Consider this shopping karma.

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