This Week in Beer News: Space Beer, Budvar Beats Budweiser, and Michigan's New Pint Law

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By beer demons be driven.
Does the government shutdown got you down? Hopefully not, because it ain't shuttin' down your ability to slam a few cold ones, and that's a plus.

On the ugly side of things, the shutdown has brewery startups on hold, preventing them from filing for permits, receiving inspections, getting labels/recipes approved or anything necessary to open. Until then, it is a beer-pocalypse.

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Forget the Silk Road; pay for beer in bitcoins.
Pay for Your Beer in Bitcoins
Bars in Berlin are now accepting bitcoins for beer. We knew this was going to happen eventually as more retail owners become aware that bitcoins can be transferred into real money. In case you don't know, bitcoins are a form of digital currency generated by lending your computer to solve complex mathematical problems. Bitcoins are also open-source and not dependent on any central authority, like a bank.

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Attempting to go where no brewer has gone before.
A Kid Wants to Brew Beer in Space
An 11-year-old kid from Colorado is having this science experiment of brewing beer in space picked by NASA and headed to the International Space Station in December. Michal Bodzianowski hopes that one day, brewing beer can be used for medical emergencies in space. The only question that remains is, will Bodzianowski get to try the final product?

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Budvar wins at last.
Budvar Wins Trademark Battle Against Budweiser
The Budweiser Budvar Brewery in the Czech Republic recently won a legal battle in Italy against Anheuser-Busch that has been raging since 1907. A-B sued Budvar, claiming that it violated its trademark for Budweiser. It turns that Budvar had the name first, since 1785. Anheuser-Busch started using the name in 1876 and registered the trademark two years later.

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