This Week in Beer News: Moon Dust Beer, Concrete Beach Brewery and Beer Advocate Goes on a Rampage

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Yo, another week in beer news.
Another week in beer news: You need it like you need another pint of stout. So order up, chug, and repeat until you reach that moment of clarity.

If you're just not that into it, then stick to wine coolers and get bent. Shit's getting crazy in beer land with dudes shooting at other dudes for stealing beer while the admins of go on a weekend banning spree.

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Never come between a man and his beer.
Texas Store Owner Shoots and Kills Man Stealing Beer
Some poor bastard in Corpus Christi, Texas, up and got himself shot to death after trying to steal beer from a convenience store. Police believe it was the store owner who shot the suspected thief several times, including in the head. Shooting someone to death for stealing a little bit of merchandise seems excessive, but then again, don't steal beer.

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Alan Newman
A&S Brewing Files for Concrete Beach Brewery Trademark
Alchemy and Science Brewing Collaborative, a Vermont-based craft beer conglomeration of breweries spanning from coast to coast, filed a trademark for Concrete Beach Brewery in August. A name search of the brewery yields three results for the same keywords, including one including the word "Stiltsville." While this may be a clue that A&S is planting a flag in Miami, there is still no confirmation from company front man Alan Newman, who has stayed mum about the project.

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The chips are down; they are truly down.
BeerAdvocate Admins Ban Members for Using Another Beer Forum
It appears that the moderators at purged some of its members over the weekend, leaving them wondering if their membership to had anything to do with it. Cofounder Jason Alstrom cited forum abuse. Some members said they were banned shortly after criticizing the website's heavy-handed banning.

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