The Daily Show's Sexiest Halloween Costume, Vagina Pizza (Video)

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Screen capture from The Daily Show.
"Hello, sexiest pizza ever! Does the cheese match the crust? She'll never tell," Kristen Schaal

The common media trope these days is that women's costumes have gotten too sexy. The ubiquitous "Sexy Noun" costume is everywhere. While some backwards-thinking conservative prudes (cough-Jon-Stewart-cough) might suggest that things have gotten out of hand and these costumes are degrading to women, The Daily Show's Senior Women's Issue Correspondent Kristen Schaal sets him straight.

After all, as Schaal points out, women have only "this one night, only one out of the whole year to be viewed as sexual objects."

Forget sexy nurse or sexy prosecutor. If you are going to sexually objectify yourself, what better way than to become a sexy inanimate object?

*This is not a joke. This costume actually exists and can be purchased from for $69.95. But hurry; it's "Limited Edition."

Schaal has seen the future of sexy costumes for women, and she's not beating around the bush -- proverbial or otherwise.

Screen capture from The Daily Show.
But Jon needed it to have a little somethin' extra...
"I don't think they go far enough. Ladies, why are we being so coy about this? Why don't we just show everyone what we mean when we put on those sexy kitty/carrot/nurse costumes and take things to obvious next level?

"I call this one the sexy vagina. And what better way to get everyone thinking of sex than to dress up as the place where sex happens?"

But we all know the one thing that makes giant vaginas sexier? Pepperoni. Catch the whole video.

But don't worry fellas, Schaal's got a sexy costume for you too.

Screen capture from The Daily Show.
Sexy Hollywood Producer Who Hires Women Over 40 for Meaningful, Age Appropriate Roles -- rawr!

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