Ten Best Coffee Shops in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Candace West
Learn about the art of coffee preparation at Harold's Coffee Lounge in West Palm Beach.
4. Harold's Coffee Lounge
Coffee snobs looking for an artsy hang and Intelligentsia-brand beans, this is your spot. This eclectic coffeehouse plays the perfect host for painting exhibits and photographer meetups, and it's great for just hanging out. It's also on top of the latest coffee trends. Special-order a siphon brew that results in a beautifully mild cup of coffee. Or be all made-to-order cool with a hand-pour java. And you can always keep it simple with a plain ol' cup of espresso. Get a coffee education while you're here: The well-informed staffers will tell you how a French press creates a unique flavor or how to detect notes of floral, caramel, or toast in your roast. This specialty shop uses the Blue Bottle Kyoto-style cold-brewing system, a fancy-looking and somewhat costly setup composed of tall, fragile, glass drip towers, traditionally called an Oji machine in Japan. Drip by drip -- 48 drips per minute, to be exact -- the Oji produces a six-cup batch after around seven hours. If this sounds highly specialized, that's because it is. Small batches with extremely high caffeine content means the drink is typically prepared by pouring four ounces over ice for an exceptionally deep, smoky, and light-bodied coffee experience.

Habatat Coffee
Habatat Gallery houses an eponymous coffee shop, which serves Counter Culture coffee.
3. Habatat Coffee Co.
Habatat co-owners Sean and Natalie Scott are passionate about good coffee and good people. Originally from the Northeast -- she's from New Hampshire, and he's from Massachusetts -- they longed for a South Florida coffee shop that served a good cappuccino along with a great atmosphere. The idea to open Habatat Coffee developed alongside Habatat Gallery, co-owned by Sean's brother, Jay Scott. "[My wife and I] knew that the South Florida market needed good coffee," said Sean. "We have found that serving coffee that is sourced, roasted, and extracted the way it should be surprises even the most 'blue collar' of coffee drinkers." Habatat has become a local meeting hub of sorts, where people gather to enjoy specialty coffee beans, like the one they serve now from Kochere, Ethiopia, from a single farmer named Mammo Boki. For standard drinks, the shop serves only Counter Culture Coffee and brews using a La Marzocco espresso machine or Chemex and Bonmac for slow-pour coffees. Beans are roasted fresh each week and served in traditional sizes that allow the true flavor of the beans to shine. The most popular drink on the menu: Habatat's own brown sugar coconut cappuccino or latte. Keep an eye out for a partnership of sorts between Clematis Street kingpin Rodney Mayo -- owner of Longboards and Hullabaloo in West Palm Beach and the Dubliner and Kapow! in Boca Raton -- who will join forces with Habatat to begin brewing a specialty coffee. The coffee will be served at each of Mayo's restaurants and will be roasted fresh at a new coffee shop known as Cafe Tabac, opening later this year in downtown West Palm Beach.

Location Info

11th Street Annex

14 SW 11th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: General

St. Bart's Coffee Company

441 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Restaurant

The Coffee District

325 Northeast Second Ave., Delray Beach, FL

Category: General

Stork's Cafe and Bakery

2505 NE 15th Ave., Wilton Manors, FL

Category: Restaurant

Undergrounds Coffeehaus

3020 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: General

Habatat Galleries

608 Banyan Trail, Boca Raton, FL

Category: General

Harold's Coffee Lounge

509 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Coastars Coffee Bar - CLOSED

12 S. J St., Lake Worth, FL

Category: General

Brew Urban Cafe - CLOSED

209 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: General

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11th st annex doesnt do high or low teas regularly, though it is worth going just for lunch  & that brew urban location is closed, only the victoria park location remains.


Interestingly none of these places are roasting their own coffee !! You definitely did not look much around Palm Beach County, there is an Artisan Specialty coffee roaster in Tequesta. You guys ought to check them out, they also have their coffee in some of Palm Beaches most recently awarded best eateries, Coolinary Cafe and the like. Check out Oceana Coffee up in Tequesta, they roast it all in the shop.  


@jcw_mini I buy all of my coffee beans from Oceana at their PBG location. They typically have 5 to 8 roasts available at all times. They brought back the Bali Blue Moon and the new Honduras is awesome! The Food Shack also uses their coffee, a dark Sumatra. I think they have roasting demos on Wed or Thurs nights around 6'ish


@jcw_mini I did not make it to Tequesta, and this place sounds like it is deserving of its very own feature. I will check it out, and thank you for the suggestion. 

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