SaxSay Cafe: Peruvian Deli in Tamarac Moves to Bigger Location, Changes Name

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It's a story everyone has heard before: Renzo Salini worked in real estate, and when the bubble started to burst in 2006, he decided to get out of housing and open a restaurant, SaxSay Deli.

While he certainly wasn't the first or only person to do so, he was one of the lucky ones -- he succeeded. What started out as a small Peruvian deli with 40 sandwiches and five signature dishes quickly turned into a home-style Peruvian restaurant serving around 40 traditional menu items with about five sandwiches.

After more than five years in business, Salini and his wife, Claudia Pinglo, decided to pack up shop and move to a larger location earlier this year, just down the street, renaming the restaurant SaxSay Cafe.

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While the food and the concept has remained much the same, Salini and Pinglo have brought on partners to help with the expansion process: longtime customers and married couple Monica Delgado and Sergio Patrucco, and old friends Marco and Roxanna Kahn.

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