Raw Food Guru Melanie Haraldson Shares Her Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Daniel Cavalcanti
Raw Juce holistic health and nutrition coach Melanie Haraldson.
A few weeks ago Clean Plate Charlie told you Boca Raton would be welcoming a new, all-organic, cold-pressed juice bar and raw food lunch stop. Known as Raw Juce, this week the store will be celebrating its opening week, so we caught up with Melanie Haraldson, Raw Juce's very own "raw food guru."

As the store's holistic health and nutrition coach, Haraldson works with customers looking to implement a healthier way of life by providing nutritional counseling and support through a series of detox and cleansing programs using Raw Juce. She even shared her favorite raw food recipe with us: how to make a nutrient-rich chia seed breakfast bowl.

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Everyone begins their health journey somewhere. For Haraldson, it was simply a way of life from the beginning. Born and raised in Canada, Haraldson came to South Florida several years ago for school, studying business and marketing at Lynn University. Like so many, after a few years working a ho-hum career, she decided to go back to school to learn more about holistic health with the Institute For Integrated Nutrition.

Clean Plate Charlie: How would you describe your approach to health and wellness?
Melanie Haraldson: Going back to school [for holistic health] totally changed my life. I've had the chance to do things I never imagined I'd be able to do, helping people to change their lives through proper nutrition. It's so rewarding. Growing up an athlete, I was always into eating healthy and providing my body with proper nutrition. I just didn't see it as a career choice until later.

Prior to Raw Juce you worked for Whole Foods in Pembroke Pines. What did you do there?
I was the store's healthy eating specialist. I did everything from teach cooking classes and coach 20-day healthy eating challenges, to working with local school programs and meeting with customers for counseling -- even helping to start an organic garden at local schools.

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It's awesome that a raw vegan establishment has opened in our region! I have tasted Raw Juce's Green Juice and it's delicious and energizing. 

I've been following a raw vegan lifestyle since 1992 (when the Picower study first came out saying that baked, fried and roasted foods cause aging and chronic disease). As a longtime journalist, I've been writing about the cuisine on my 12-year-old online magazine (RawFoodsNewsMagazine.com) and in my recipe books. 

One caution: In your article, Melanie mentions rice as part of a healthy diet. I would not recommend rice because studies have shown that ALL rice (white or brown, organic or non-) contains arsenic.

I'm hoping that Raw Juce will open more locations, and that it will inspire entrepreneurs to open more raw restaurants (such as dinner venues) in our region. A former New Yorker, I miss NYC places like Quintessence and Rockin' Raw.

NicoleAlyssDanna topcommenter

@judypokras Thank you for your note of caution. We agree, but I believe her intent was to show how small -- and easy -- a single change could be when it comes to implementing a healthier diet. 

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