Myapapaya Coming Up on One-Year Anniversary: "We Are Building a Community"

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Sara Ventiera
Adam, Mya, and Michelle Kanner
In South Florida -- just like anywhere else -- restaurants come and go all the time. Whether it's operator error, lack of funds, a bad concept, too innovative an idea, or whatever else, if you're hitting your one-year mark, you've got to be doing something right.

Myapapaya juicery and kitchen in Fort Lauderdale is about to celebrate its first birthday next month. As the first cold-press juicery and one of the leaders in the area's healthy eating movement, husband-wife-and-14-month-old-daughter-team Adam, Michelle, and Mya Kanner are doing their part to "build a community" of health-conscious eaters (and juice drinkers).

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Though the Kanners don't necessarily consider the spot to be purely about health, they do assert that it really boils down to good whole foods and a more conscious lifestyle.

With bright-green wainscoting below crisp white paint that highlights the multicolored tropically inspired fruit paintings, contrasting vivid orange accent walls, an open kitchen, and colorfully scribed special chalkboard on the walls, the place feels like you're walking into a traveler or island lover's home.

"The concept was for Mya," said Adam. "Growing up, I wanted her to be around a lifestyle based on this."

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