Kabuki, Clematis Street's Only Sushi Joint Expands to Palm Beach Garden

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All pictures by Dana Krangel
The Brazilian Roll in all its glory

Clematis Street is stuffed with great happy hour deals and customers scouring to find the best. Among them is Kabuki, the street's only sushi restaurant with an extra flair for great drinks. This recipe has proved to be so successful for owner Ting, he's taking his chances at replicating the magic with a new location in Palm Beach Gardens.

Ting's son Tom is at the helm of the Gardens location with big hopes for the second Kabuki.

"We think that in Palm Beach County, there are very little sushi places. We wanted to open a bigger market." And that goal has been accomplished. Conveniently located next to Rocco's Tacos in PGA Commons, at first glance it might look like a mini-Clematis, but fear not.

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"On Clematis Street, there are so many bars and young people," says Tom. "Over here, it's different. It's more families."

But what Tom stresses is that both restaurants will have the same great quality and taste we have grown to expect from the flourishing Clematis location. Sure, on occasion the specials will vary, but it's the consistency that will keep people coming back.

Krab Rangoon, extra Rangoon

Start your meal off the way many people do at Asian restaurants, with Krab Rangoon ($6), and you won't be disappointed. The creamy and crispy characteristics balance each other perfectly, making this appetizer a solid choice for sushi newbies and veterans alike.

Sake it to me.

But before you get too deep into your meal, make sure to peruse the drink menu. Just as much as their sushi, the staff at Kabuki takes great pride in their alcoholic offerings. Specialty drinks include wild martinis like the Pineapple Upside Down ($10) and cocktails like the Kiwi Caipirinha ($10).

But for the real drinkers, it's the all day/everyday $3 sake bombs that will really get your motor started. Top them off with some above 100 proof liquor and have the staff light them on fire for no additional charge, except to your coolness factor.

Seared Ahi Tuna Roll

With sushi options aplenty, Tom recommends the extremely popular Seared Ahi Tuna Roll ($13). Spicy tuna, avocado, tempura flakes and spicy mayo, all topped with layer of seared tuna make this roll a mouthful of fresh fish. For those more into the fully cooked sushi options, the Brazilian ($13) is the way to go. With shrimp tempura, krab, avocado and everyone's favorite, cream cheese, this roll comes together as a surefire palate pleaser.


Kabuki is located at 5080 PGA Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens 4251. Call 561-776-8778 , or visit kabukiwpb.com.

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5080 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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