Conan's Gay Friendly Pasta Commercial Boils Barilla (VIDEO)

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Screen capture from Conan's Toleranza di Napoli "commerical"
Can you taste the tolerance?

No one is really sure why the heads of companies continue to espouse exceedingly unpopular, even bigoted opinions. No one is arguing they don't have every right to both their opinion and to espousing it, of course. But then, the public also has every right to not buy your product if they start associating your personal positions with your company's public image.

Guido Barilla, chairman of Italian pasta company Barilla, got the company in hot water this week with some homophobic remarks. (Get it, hot water? These are the jokes.)

But homophobia is no laughing matter! Unless of course Conan O'Brien and Team Coco are lambasting you for being a homophobe. Let's watch!

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Toleranza di Napoli makes pasta for everyone. They use gay wheat and straight wheat; straight eggs and fabulous eggs.

"For the man who likes penne, the lady who likes linguini, and those who like both!"

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