At Mustard Seed Bistro, Mother of Four Bakes Flavorful Cupcakes

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Lara Boyd
Lara Boyd (second from right) with her smiling family.

When the Boyds opened their quaint, French-inspired eatery Mustard Seed Bistro, they underestimated the potential of Lara's baking because it was her husband, Tim, who was at the culinary helm whipping up bison tenderloins or tomato risottos with mushrooms. But within the first year, Lara began to experiment with recipes and would bake a batch of 15 cupcakes every day.

Four years later, Lara now bakes almost ten times that many cupcakes a day and sells out before close. Sometimes, customers walk in and head straight to the bar to place an order of cupcakes without even glancing at the menu. Her husband, of course, playfully rolls his eyes at her cupcakes' quick success and supports her completely.

Lara has received offers to appear on Food Network's Cupcake Wars and multiple cookbook deals. But Lara prefers to keep her cupcakes a hobby and not a career so that it stays fun and allows her plenty of time to take care of her four children.

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Jess Swanson
The strawberry shortcake cookie cupcake. Yep, that's a sugar cookie baked on top.

Tim and Lara Boyd have been married for 12 years. Tim has been a chef for 30 years and has traveled all over the country on his culinary endeavors until he and Lara settled down in a quiet neighborhood in Plantation to raise a family.

Since her husband is expected at the restaurant to cook, Lara wakes up early to take the kids to school by 7:30 a.m. After dropping them off, Lara stops by the eatery and conjures up three to five flavors of cupcakes she feels like baking that day.

The café opens for lunch at 11 a.m. and by 11:30 a.m., Lara and co-cupcake chef Allison King have made around 150 cupcakes.

"We make everything from scratch," Lara says. "Now, one or two of our secret ingredients are store-bought, but that's it."

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Mustard Seed Bistro and Market

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