At Mojo Donuts, Former Strip-Club DJ Reinvents Himself as a Doughnut King

Mojo's doughnuts.
Before Shawn Neifeld opened Mojo Donuts, South Florida's hottest doughnut shop, with his wife, Shelly, he spun records at strip clubs Cheetah and Miami Gold. Before that, he owned a gambling magazine, an ice cream shop in Lauderhill, and CD stores in the '90s.

Most of the time, he was also working as a stripper.

Owner Shawn Neifeld stocking the doughnut display.
Neifeld is an entrepreneur -- the old-fashioned sort. He's not the guy who raises a few hundred grand from some Silicon Valley investor and hires a few programmers to create a forgettable smartphone app. He's the 70-hour-a-week, put-it-all-on-the-line guy.

"My eyes are always open to things, ideas, what's next, where is the next opportunity," he says.

At Mojo Donuts, located in an easy-to-miss strip mall in Pembroke Pines, Neifeld is frantic and affable at the same time. As I grab a seat at the glass-topped table where he sits on a weekday morning, he's counting cash and scanning a checklist while hugging employees and flashing wide smiles at customers walking through the door.

"I'm more famous now as a freakin' doughnut peddler than I ever was as a DJ," he chuckles.

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Mojo Donuts

7906 Pines Blvd., Hollywood, FL

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Chris Captain Combat
Chris Captain Combat

Speaking of D'oh-Nuts Weezie's GF Kitchen is now knocking out Gluten Free Donuts.....

John Todora
John Todora

Great guy! An old friend of mine who is always working his tail off!!

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