Vegans Want Starbucks To Make Dairy-Free Pumpkin Spice Latte, How To Make Your Own

Nicole Danna
The PSL -- or pumpkin spice latte -- from Starbucks is not vegan-friendly.
Starbucks seasonal pumpkin spice latte is back, but did all you vegans know there's dairy in your drink, even if you order it with soy milk? A few vegan protestors discovered the popular fall-release latte syrup contains condensed milk, which means that -- whether for health or ethical reasons -- your seemingly vegan-friendly drink ordered without milk or whipped cream, actually isn't without milk.

According to petition creator Brent Caldwell, "there is currently no vegan option for [the Pumpkin spice latte] drink mix, which is a total bummer. After speaking with numerous other friends of mine from across the country, I have decided to start this petition to ask Starbucks to please change the ingredients of this beloved beverage so that all of their loyal patrons may enjoy it every autumn -- even the vegans and lactose-intolerant customers!"

Starbucks recently confirmed its pumpkin spice lattes do, in fact, include some dairy -- as well as several other flavored drink mixes like the white chocolate and salted or unsalted caramel latte drink mixes. However, there's one option the vegan pumpkin spice crowd can savor for the time being: the Starbucks VIA Pumpkin Spice instant coffee, and add soy milk. It's no latte, but it's better than nothing.

For those that care, the petition is asking Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to make a latte that doesn't do dairy. With more than 4,000 supporters since posting several days ago, today you can be one of the 900 or so remaining signatures needed to move the petition forward by going here.

Rather than wait around for change to happen, we suggest making your own pumpkin spice latte -- however you like it. Here's how to make a vegan-friendly version, no trip to Starbucks required. Keep reading for a do-it-yourself, dairy-free recipe you can make at home.

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Allison Little Cosens
Allison Little Cosens

No, it doesn't hurt. It's just annoying because there always has to be a special option. Look how much the humble soy bean had been manipulated! Then we're told not to eat highly processed food. If you choose (because of health or personal reasons) not to consume certain ingredients, then DO WITHOUT! We had a family come over for a meal who informed us that one was pescetarian, one was gluten free, and one was dairy free (the only one for health reasons). It's getting out of hand!

Clean Plate Charlie
Clean Plate Charlie

Aww, come on, now. It doesn't hurt the dairy drinkers any if there is a dairy-free version of the syrup. Starbucks wouldn't dare tamper with the original, after all. And it's not just the vegans - what about the lactose intolerant or those with a casein allergy?

Allison Little Cosens
Allison Little Cosens

Boo hiss! Just go without! Crazy vegans have to have everything special for them!

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