This Week in Beer News: Snake in the Glass, Deep-Fried Beer, and Wynwood Brewing's Launch Date

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David Minsky
South Florida's newest brewery: Wynwood Brewing Company.
One thing you can count on happening every week is beer, which is essentially a barometer of news itself. But beer is better, because you can't drink the news.

This week, the beer news is bittersweet. A man died in a brewery accident last week, a sober reminder that working at a brewery ain't all fun and games. But on the happier side of the coin, South Florida's newest brewery, Wynwood Brewing Company, is ready for mass production.

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Finding a snake to go with your beer was not this pleasurable for Michael Forson.

Houston Man Finds Snake in Case of Bud Light
Michael Forson thought he was the victim of a prank when he reached into a newly bought case of Bud Light and pulled out a stiff, curled snake. But the stench of dead animal made him realize the snake was real. It had apparently slithered inside the case, wrapped itself around some bottles, and died. Poor little snake.

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Deep-fried beer
Someone in Texas Invented Deep-Fried Beer
In the land of Texas, where deep-frying whole armadillos is not too far-fetched, someone actually invented deep-fried beer. But it's not what you think. Inventor Mark Zable places the beer inside a pocket of a pretzel, which is dunked in oil heated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 seconds -- short enough for the beer to remain alcoholic. Zable said it took him three years to figure out the exact cooking method, but he declined to say how it actually works. His invention will be unveiled at the Texas State Fair later this month.

Matthew Courtright via Google+
Stone Brewing Employee Dies in Forklift Accident
Stone Brewing Company has suffered the loss of one of its brewers, Matthew Courtright, who died in a tragic accident last week. Courtright was operating a forklift at the brewery restaurant when it overturned and landed on top of him. Courtright was 27 years old. Raise a pint in honor of his memory.

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