Rice Paradise: New Gluten-Free Rice Pudding and Cake Shop Opens in Hallandale Beach

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Nothing puts a smile on Szeghalmi's face like a heaping plate of Nutella-flavored rice cakes.

The L-shaped counter serves rice cakes on one side, and ten trays of different flavored rice puddings on the other. From Tiramisu to Rum Raisin and Banana Coconut, all the flavored pudding is homemade with the freshest ingredients. The rice cakes are too. Szeghalmi also offers M&M's, walnuts, and strawberry syrup to top all the desserts even though the young Hungarian entrepreneur boasts that you don't really need them.

"It's good quality stuff," she touts. "The Rum Raisin is my favorite flavor and what I would recommend to new customers. It's not a typical flavor but it's good and customers really say it's something special. It might take time [for the community] to get familiar [with rice puddings and cake] but customers will have to come back for more after they try it."

The strawberry rice pudding garnished with strawberry chunks.

Szeghalmi has recently worked closely with her family and co-owner Tamas Malay to implement more sugar-free rice puddings. They hope to start serving three of these sugar-free puddings by next week. They also will offer more seasonal flavors. Lactose-free puddings is another goal.

"I just want to offer something for everyone," the young shop owner explains. "From age zero to 95, rice pudding is a tradition back home. But this is the first shop of its kind here [in America]."

After getting results from their first quarter in business, Szeghalmi and her family will open more Rice Paradise shops in the area. The young entrepreneur hopes to achieve three or four outposts in Aventura, Miami and Delray Beach. But ultimately, her goal is to create a franchise in the next year and a half after carefully writing the handbook to ensure that none of the handmade quality from her grandmother's recipes is lost in the expansion process.

Rice Paradise is located in Sage Plaza at 800 E Hallandale Beach Blvd. in Hallandale Beach. Call 754-217-4220 or visit rice-paradise.com.

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Rice Paradise

800 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd., Hallandale Beach, FL

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