Rice Paradise: New Gluten-Free Rice Pudding and Cake Shop Opens in Hallandale Beach

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All photos taken by Jess Swanson.
So many flavors of rice pudding to sample, so little time.
Gluten and desserts have always seemed to go hand in hand, leaving the gluten-intolerant and those battling Celiac disease with little to combat sugar cravings. Twenty-four year old Szandra Szeghalmi has found a gluten-free loophole: rice pudding and cakes. Using her Hungarian grandmother's recipes, Szeghalmi brings Hallandale Beach a shop, Rice Paradise, where people can finally rejoice and munch on the tasty rice-based sweets regardless of their tolerance to gluten.

While, the concept is unconventional in the states, Szeghalmi has been pleased with the feedback she's received since opening last week. She hopes to open more locations and franchise stores to make Rice Paradise's rice cakes and puddings as ubiquitous as McDonald's golden arches -- albeit with a lot less gluten and trans fats.

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Szandra Szeghalmi, Tamas Malay, and Selly Varga welcoming guests behind the counter.

Nestled in a shopping center on Hallandale Beach Boulevard adjacent to a dentist's office, most shoppers in the area immediately turn their heads upon passing the storefront. Opened last week, Rice Paradise is an unfamiliar name, but the bright azure walls lined with sea shells and the smiling faces of the staff behind the counter, draws in spectators from the sidewalk.

"Rice cake is a typical Hungarian recipe," Szeghalmi explains. "I grew up on rice cake, it's a kids meal, but we also wanted to create something new, different, and more than the frozen yogurt shops everywhere. The area needs something different."

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Rice Paradise

800 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd., Hallandale Beach, FL

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