Paula DaSilva Talks Fort Lauderdale and Revamping 3030 Ocean

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When it was announced that Paula Da Silva, chef at farm-to-table restaurant 1500 Degrees inside the historic Eden Roc Miami Beach would move to Fort Lauderdale's 
3030 Ocean, Miami's loss was Fort Lauderdale's gain.

DaSilva returned to Broward County, the place where she began her well-publicized career under chef Dean Max way back in 2000. In July it was announced that Max and 3030 would part ways.

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While many know DaSilva as the runner up in season five of Hell's Kitchen she didn't let up after appearing on the show in 2009 and earned widespread praise for her thoughtful preparation of locally sourced produce and proteins.

Marriott, which owns the Harbor Beach Marriott, is keeping her on board and we caught up with DaSilva to talk about the transition and her 954 homecoming.

What have you been up to since it was announced you'd return to 3030 Ocean?
I went back a couple of weeks and took some more time off. I had a few trips planned before all that happened. It's bittersweet having to leave 1500 under the circumstances, but it's also a great opportunity to go back to 3030 where I started and sort of watch what it's going to evolve into as we work on a new concept for the restaurant. Right now we're in the process of undergoing menu changes and retraining staff.

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What's the new concept going to look like?
3030 is going to be about 14 years old next year. It's time for a face lift and something new. 3030 spent so much time being fine dining. We still have tablecloth and I really want this to be more of a place that locals will drive to. We had a huge local following for many many years. I want it to be sort of upbeat, sharing style, communal style, with really good cocktails and a more relaxed, high energy atmosphere. Of course well stick to seasonal and sourcing locally and supporting farmers I've worked with closely but I really do like the small sharing style of eating, smaller plates, I don't want to call it tapas but that style. Somewhere between Spanish [tapas] and a gastropub.

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3030 Ocean Restaurant

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Lol, lol, lol, lmao


Why do u have such a love affair with these south Florida kids. 3030 couldn't wait to get rid of the tired cooking of max and who do they hire to change things someone who all she knows other than stealing every bodies else's ideas is max.

And the thing that gets me the most is these kids believe the press that these companies pay BIG$$$ money to get for them.

So keep overlooking real trained chefs with real solid experience, background, and many years of working for the European masters.

The minute one of these kids say cooking is their passion u kno their full of crap cuz passion has nothing to do with cooking unless of course your cooking in the bedroom. Lol

Keep up the great work of putting all these culinary nobody's on the top of your lists it's good for their FREAKIN EGO.


I'm proud of the restaurants that are interested in local sourcing and have a "farm to table" mentality...  Innocuous as hot sauce may be to most palates,  people are amazed at the freshness and  flavor of my product relative to national brands...   (National brands that can sit months (or even years) before ever reaching a consumer...)    

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