Last Night's Delicious Tongue & Cheek Kitchen Collaboration With Jamie DeRosa and Lindsay Autry (Photos)

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Sara Ventiera
Goat Milk Gnocchi, Octopus Bolognese, Uni, and Bottarga
Everyone is usually all blah, blah, Miami this, or Miami that. All right, we get it, Miami has a lot going on in terms of arts, cultural, and culinary events.

However, when it comes to great chefs, Broward and Palm Beach Counties have some all star talent on our home-team roster; so much so, in fact, that a few are making appearances at the much-loved Miami Beach spot Tongue & Cheek.

As the first night of the three part Kitchen Collaboration series, Sundy House's Lindsay Autry joined Jamie DeRosa in the kitchen for a joint-effort multi-course meal.

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DeRosa and Autry came up with a final menu after more than two months of sharing ideas through email and phone calls.

Lindsay Autry, Sundy House Pastry Chef Sarah SIpe, and Jamie DeRosa

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