Japanese Pudding: Jiggly Boobs, Ass Pudding, Singing Flan

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Screenshot from YouTube
Shake it, sister!
The Japanese have a strange sense of humor. Peruse YouTube and you'll find a host of game shows that involve women in pigtails crawling around in their underwear along with "too cute" commercials that involve singing animals and food.

Which is why we probably shouldn't have been surprised when we found this trio of pudding that amused us but ultimately left us with one nagging question...what would Bill Cosby think?

Why would you want to make ass pudding? While we're not sure we want to eat it, we sure do appreciate the fact that it twerks a hell of a lot sexier than Miley Cyrus!

We just can't stop thinking of the Real Housewives of Miami now:

Watch this video at your own risk. Sure it's adorable, but we've been singing "pudi, pudi" for the past hour:

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