Free Seminar: Are The Toxins in Your Home Keeping You From Losing Weight?

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Need help navigating those grocery shelves? Learn to be a health-conscious consumer at today's free seminar in Palm Beach Gardens.
Are the toxins in your home keeping you from losing weight?

It's a question Angela Tompkins, founder of Quality Life and Wellness, will be addressing today during a free health seminar aimed at helping people discover how the toxins in their home could be affecting weightloss goals -- and future health.

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A holistic health and fitness consultant, as well as a certified massage therapist and yoga instructor, Tompkins designs custom programs to work with groups and individuals in reducing their risk of future chronic disease. Through her Palm Beach Gardens-based company, Tompkins goal is to help people create healthy, sustainable lives through diet and lifestyle enhancements, fitness, bodywork and enhanced self awareness.

During today's free event held at Nutrition S'Mart in Palm Beach Gardens, Tompkins will show participants how everyday exposure to certain foods and household products can be prohibiting you from losing weight -- and, best of all -- what you can do about it. The talk will help you to source local foods, identify non-GMO products in your grocery store, and eliminate common toxins found in our food supply. The event will also provide an opportunity to sign up for Tompkins next juicing "party," a group demonstration on the basics on fruit and vegetable juicing for health and cleansing. You can also sign up for her next cleanse series, "Cleanse with Angela," starting this fall.

Quality Life Wellness LLC
Quality Life Wellness founder Angela Tompkins.
The free health seminar will be taking place at Nutrition S'Mart in Palm Beach Gardens Thursday, September 26 at 6:30 p.m. For more information about "What in Your Home Could be Stopping You from Losing Weight and Affecting Your Health?" or other group programs offered by Quality Life Wellness, visit the Facebook event page and Quality Life Wellness website.

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