First Look: Colombian Food at Los Parceros in West Palm Beach

Nicole Danna
The Los Parceros beef empanada.
The same goes for the burgers, all seven of them -- specialty takes on the popular fast food variations you'll find served late-night on the streets of Bogotá. At Los Parceros you'll get two beef patties cooked to your specifications, then topped with the blend of house-made sauces, crushed potato chips and bacon -- or, if it's your thing -- with chunks of chicharrón. Our favorites: the tostones and arepa burgers, each served between two thick slabs of fresh-made tostones or arepas that act as buns, and are far better than any bread ($5.50-$6.25).

For a larger plate, try Patino's bandeja paisa ($10.75), a family recipe that includes tender strips of grilled steak alongside red or black beans -- seasoned just the way mom makes them, and sometimes she does -- served over rice with sweet plantains and corn cake. There's also a the Los Perceros bowl ($5.75), the girls' own creation of everything Colombian in a single dish, combining chopped steak, chicken, chorizo or pork rinds with your choice of rice, beans, corn, fries, tostones or sweet plantains.

A specialty worth trying, especially if you like the dish, is mofongo: mashed fried green plantains tossed with olive oil, garlic, vegetables, meat and pork cracklings. Although a typical Puerto Rican specialty, it's recreated Colombian-style with a recipe Patino said has been taken straight from the streets of San Juan, where a popular haunt known as the "spider" opens its doors just a few days a week to serve lines of eager patrons. It comes out of the kitchen hot and steaming in a fresh-fried bowl made of tostones. When paired with a Postobon, the Colombian apple-flavored soda, it's heaven on earth.

If you can fit it, Patino also makes her own homemade desserts, including flan and tres leches. If savory-sweet is more your taste, she makes an amazing sweet corn cake, fried just long enough to give it a crisp edge before biting into a moist center thanks to a layer of melted mozzarella.

Nicole Danna
The Los Parceros sweet corn cake topped with mozzarella.
Los Parceros is open from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and is located at 5756 Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach. For more information call 561-855-6256, or visit the website and Facebook page.

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