Draconian Meter Maids on Galt Ocean Mile Exploit the Dive Bar Staff

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Jess Swanson
Parking enforcement on Galt Ocean Mile.
Dive Bar owners Gary Marcotte and Cody Cole have racked up almost $2,500 in parking fines at the meters outside their business in the last year and a half (and that's not including the staff). At $32 a ticket, it hasn't been easy. They blame vindictive parking enforcement officials.

The parking meters outside the bar on Galt Ocean Mile are finicky. They only accept coins, and with a three-hour limit, they are designed to keep beach-goers from taking up parking spaces designated for patrons. On the other hand, they leave small business owners like Marcotte and Cole and their staff, who work shifts longer than three hours, drowning in fines.

Marcotte has tried to secure parking permits, but whenever he calls the city, none are available in his area, he contends. And he claims, other businesses owners in the area suspiciously seem to have handicapped permits that allow them to park at the meters for free.

"Go walk outside and see for yourself," Marcotte says, rolling his eyes. "Everyone parked on the street [at a meter] has a handicapped decal."

Clean Plate Charlie called the Fort Lauderdale Parking Enforcement to inquire about the situation. A woman who would give her name only as "Kim" said only one permit is available for the month of September in Galt Ocean area. The Dive Bar has a staff of 14.

None of them qualify for a handicapped decal, Marcotte adds.

Even if The Dive Bar owner bought the one permit for September (which costs $37.10 a month), it would expire by October, and he would have to go through the process again. According to Parking Enforcement, there is usually a wait list and permits cannot be guaranteed from one month to the next.

Marcotte and Cole are perturbed by the unrelenting ticket fines, but they are even more concerned about the financial burden these ticket fines place on their staff. Waiters, bartenders and cooks, after all, are usually too busy to run out in the middle of their shifts to pay the meters. (Patrons are less of a concern. They usually don't stay more than three hours.)

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frankd4 topcommenter

as for the "selective enforcement" YES anyone can play that game since ft liquordale is for sale including the meter enforcement staff who use these reports to increase their own personal collection efforts

frankd4 topcommenter

this is why NT should indicate in it's reviews IF PARKING is available and what the terms are = period

RED COW for an example utilizes a lot that is expressly marked as being MONITORED (which means a spotter sits in the lot observing ALL activity) and ALL COUNTY TOWING is a predatory towing operator that uses restaurant employees as authorization to tow patron's cars most likely for a cut of the fees and charges in my opinion that does the towing at that lot

the good olde boy network of screwing the TOURIST has expanded their operation to include screwing anybody including local residents

when the numbers estimating the effect of say a SUPER BOWL get calculated of say $100 million dollars that includes half going to towing charges and fees to those good olde boys and parking violation fines going to those municipalities

which is why downtowns, including hollywood and ft liqourdale, are typically in a down-turn because who wants the hassle of tickets and towing ? ! ? all the air-show was about was really tickets and towing because proper parking was not made available leaving unsuspecting visitors to fiend for themselves creating the hassle in the first place

icculus17 topcommenter

not paying off the right people. everyone is corrupt, even the meter maids!

Shawn Weaver
Shawn Weaver

Its time to do a investigation on these meter maids..they have been doing these kinds of things for yrs..


How does Off The Hookah get free reign to take over several meter spots every night in downtown Ft Lauderdale for their valet????? 

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