Daily Show Mocks Monsanto Mercilessly (VIDEO)

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From Daily Show special report on Monsanto
What possessed this guy to defend a biotech company on the Daily Show?

So the Daily Show has finally stumbled upon that whole thing with Monsanto and GMO seeds and suing farmers. Most people who've been on the internet in the past few years are exceedingly familiar with the first two. But unless you watch documentaries like Food Inc. or follow GMO/Monsanto news closely, you might not know about the last.

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Daily Show, uhh, reporter Aasif Mandvi explains the basic situation.

"All Monsanto is asking is that greedy farmers pay a yearly licensing fee for new seeds rather than reuse seeds from a previous harvest, the way they've done since farming began."

Damned greedy farmers.

Why don't they just do the right thing and buy Monsanto's Frankenseeds? They must know the wind and birds will inevitably carry some of the genetically modified Roundup-resistant seeds onto their property (Monsanto also makes Roundup), thus causing them to violate patent laws (in the eyes of Monsanto lawyers) and bringing down the litigious wrath of the biotech giant.

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They don't want to sue you. Look what you made them do! Why do you make them hurt you like this?

After all, how else is a biotech giant that has only 93 percent of the market share supposed to protect itself from avaricious farmers?

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"Do you know how hard it is to develop seeds? It's not like they grow on trees."

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So btw, the Daily Show has been covering the GMO issue better than any other major media... your own included.. for a long time now... do some research and be a journalist damn it.... it is terrible when humorous shows have to show us the way instead of our own local media


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