Butcher Block Grill's Josh Hedquist, "Our Food System Represents What's Wrong With America"

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In the past half century, the US has moved away from small scale family farms, where much of the population produced at least some of their own food, to massive agricultural corporations aimed at making as much money possible with the least amount of time and effort -- regardless, of the effects on the environment, economy, nutritional content, and even quality of the product.

Like many chefs these days the Butcher Block Grill's Josh Hedquist is over the modern food system.

The Italian-loving Minnesota-native is doing what he can to educate customers and spread his slow foods ethos to the South Florida food scene.

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"We've gotten so far away from our food," said Hedquist. "In Asia, Europe, India, and most of the world, people grow their own food without pesticides and much of the chemicals we use here. In hindsight, our food system represents much of what's wrong with America -- it's the cheapest crap to make as much money as possible."

Coming from Minneapolis, Hedquist has firsthand experience with the alternative option. In his home state it's not uncommon to have foragers show up at the kitchen door with freshly picked ramps or wild mushroom. Small farms produce and rear everything from chicken and beef to venison and wild boar.

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