This Week in Beer News: Penthouse Magazine Makes Beer, Iraq Vets Start Brewery, and Craft Beer Defeats Big Oil

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A day without beer is a day not worth living, except that day could be spent finding more beer. Same with beer news. You got to stay on the up and up or else you'll be drinking swill your whole life.

This was a good week for beer, as Bell's Brewery wins a battle against an oil company wanting to place an oil dredge near the brewery and an even bigger victory goes to Iraq War veterans who are set to open their own start-up brewery next month.

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Full of silicone and guaranteed to give you a boner?
Penthouse Has Its Own Beer
Penthouse magazine apparently has its own brand of beer that is brewed by Karlsberg brewery. Sold in five-liter barrels with integrated taps, it can be found in supermarkets throughout Germany. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be a craft beer as some compare the taste to Bud Light or Coors Light. Despite the taste, it does bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "titties 'n' beer."

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Mississippi: catching up to the 21st Century.
Oxford, Misssissippi, Now Sells Cold Beer
Mississippi is finally catching up to the 21st Century, at least when it comes to beer. The city of Oxford legalized cold beer sales last week. The law takes effect on September 19. Currently, residents are prohibited from purchasing cold beer in a store unless it is in a restaurant, except on Sundays, when alcohol cannot be sold at all. Mississippi is just one of several states that have dry counties where it is an arrestable offense to even possess beer. Besides the various blue laws scattered throughout the state, Mississippi also prohibits beer and liquor to be sold in the same store and caps alcohol content in beer at 10 percent. (Buzz kills.)

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