This Week in Beer News: Instant Beer, Avocado Ale, and Cigar City To Bring Nitro Taps to Florida Bars

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Cigar City is exploring nitro beers.
As a trend picks up more steam, everyone wants to get a piece of the action. The craft beer world is no different as the greedy beverage monoliths of the world start taking jabs at the little guy, not to mention the battling between the giants. Whatever happened to the gentleman's agreement?

On the other hand, some crazy craft beer inventions have surfaced this week that are making the big guys seem more obsolete: instant beer and beer with electrolytes. (It's what plants crave.) Ahh, better living through chemistry.

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Red Bull thinks the similiary between its name and Redwell Brewery would confuse consumers.
Red Bull Sues Redwell Brewery Over Name
The Austrian energy drink maker Red Bull is suing Redwell Brewery because they say their labels are too similar. Other than having the word "red" in the name, we're still trying to figure out the similarities. The energy drink giant wrote to the small craft brewery in Norwich, England asking to withdraw its trademark application because, Red Bull says, the labels would confuse customers. This totally makes sense -- if you are blind. However, there is good news: Red Bull realized the folly of its claim and withdrew the dispute.

Never go thirsty for a beer in the back country ever again.

'Just Add Water' Beer Could Launch in September
You never know when the overwhelming thirst for a beer could happen, which is why Pat's Backcountry Beverages invented instant beer, or beer concentrate that becomes an ale after adding water and carbonation. The carbonator is sold separately, though, and the concentrate has an alcohol content close to 80 proof. Now if you're stuck out in the wilderness with no water, no carbonator and no hope, then maybe you should just drink the concentrate. (It's what plants crave.)

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