Taco Bell New Doritos Locos Taco Launches August 22 (Video)

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Courtesy Taco Bell
Taco Bell: At least we have a date.
It's official!

Taco Bell's new Doritos Locos flavor has a launch date. The fast food company that specializes in "food you'll love now but regret once you're sober", has announced the date of its new Doritos Locos taco on Twitter:

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Unfortunately, that's all the company released. In fact, the press release the company issued had a title larger than its content. The title? Taco bell to Add Mas Heat This Summer With the Arrivan of Next Yet-to-be-Revealed Doritos Locos Tacos on August 22

The content? Just the links to the Tweet and this Vine post, which also says absolutely nothing.

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Curt Cole
Curt Cole

whatever it will be you can rest assured it will be full of additives like artificial flavoring (msg), gmo's, etc

Jeremy Silverthorn
Jeremy Silverthorn

Gonna be Flamas... Looks like the Blackjack taco wrapper though.

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